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Since 2011

Our History

Located in Vilar dos Prazeres - Ourém, since 2011, it emerged in a critical year of the Portuguese economy but its founder Paulo Marques always liked challenges and with dedication and hard work, the company is growing with each passing year.
Initially dedicated to the market of fences, it evolved and today it is a reference in the area of ​​the construction of riding stables, passing through its requalification, construction and maintenance of riding stables, as well as the installation of structures in treated wood.
Initially, CeliCerca started with highway fences, but opportunities soon arose in the area of ​​agriculture, such as vines and orchards, and later in equestrian services, namely riding stables and riding stables. From the beginning Paulo Marques was concerned with making investments for the acquisition of specialized equipment for all kinds of jobs that would arise, mainly for the construction of stables.
Currently the company has five employees in a space consisting of offices and a warehouse that serves to house all the material that will be used not only for jobs but also for direct sales to customers.
In a highly competitive area, the riding stables sector is a great bet on the part of the company, which believes, to have growth margin in this area. The different maintenance packs for the riding stables were created to offer a complete customer service.
Present in several events of equestrian caliber, the company provides the assembly and maintenance of the floor of the various riding stables during the races, being a service that is distinguished from the rest by requiring the presence of teams during the event.
Innovative equipment
Paulo Marques has the unique ability to adapt to adversity, a characteristic that has led the entrepreneur to enjoy an unequaled success in the area of ​​equestrian services.
When realizing that there was a gap in Portugal of equipment of maintenance of blocks of floors that were adaptable and of accessible values ​​the entrepreneur decided to create a prototype during his free time.
Nowadays the company sells this equipment to the national and international market, proving to be among the best. Proof of this, has been the great demand of the product by the national and international customers, who prove the good operation of the equipment even in the most adverse environments.
Company Success
The genesis of CeliCerca is created through the cohesion between the employees and a strong investment in the quality of its services, in a perspective of never slowing down when obstacles arise during the processes of development of the works. The adaptation to the market continues to be the key to success of this company that originates from Ourém, which proudly opens its doors every day with the feeling of accomplishment.
With the deserved value, the company carries out a service and attention to the client of high level, accompanying the maintenance of its works after being complete, which makes it to be at the level of the best companies of Portugal in the area of ​​the horse riding stables.
Throughout its existence has always been concerned with customers, not neglecting the important connection between their suppliers.
CeliCerca's future goal is to surpass itself every year and in this way continue to grow in a gradual and consistent manner.

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Equestrian Services

Construting riging arenas;
 Floor and fences;
Rehabilitation of existing floors;
Horse Walkers;
Installation of temporary floors for events and maintenance during tests.


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